Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moving House.

Henry and I have both moved house recently. Our floors are filled with boxes, our furniture is scattered across the rooms, our party is yet to be held. But we're not the only ones to have found a wonderful new home.

Thanks to a few hours of my time, this blog will now be held in tandem with its big sister, The Coffee Spoon Auditorium, at The blog itself can be accessed at If you are reading this on an RSS feed - and by golly, you should be, how else can you circumnavigate the global intermanet - the new feed address is

In the next few days, bits and pieces that Henry and I have left lying around will be updated to the freshly redesigned site. It's going to get bigger, and better. Trust me. I hope you can join us at our new location.

Yours truly,


Spoz said...

Shall I be updating my link from Spoz's Rant? y'know for the sake of accuracy and the insane flood of peeps from my site that'd otherwise miss out? :P

Anonymous said...

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